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Color Analysis of Stoker : Red & Yellow


I’ve watched Stoker for the third time today god you see and feel more as you watch over and over. 

So it’s pretty much given that the movie is essentially about a self realization of a girl who goes through a sexual awakening that is triggered by murders. 

The interesting thing i’ve noticed was the patterns of two colors, red and yellow. the connotation of red is pretty direct. Sex, blood, femininity, etc. Such like uncle Charlie’s red wine that India drinks, and mom’s intensely red room, both clearly represents the sexual state of two women, though in India’s case, it’s more of a ‘growth as a woman’. Yellow is little bit more complex, but I say it represents ‘child-likeness’, and to be specific; the child-likeness of the ‘Stokers’. 

Later part of the movie, we find out that uncle Charlie is more of a manchild rather than a sexual subject that he was portrayed at the beginning of the movie. It is not until when he wears that yellow sweater that we find out that Charlie hasn’t grown a bit from his child-self, who murdered his younger brother for an attention. Charlie knows that India shares very similar trait as himself and tries to bring her true nature. One of the things he gave India to do this was a yellow umbrella. (which India refused to take)

Unlike Charlie who only has yellow, India has two colors. She likes ‘swirly kinds’ and mixes chocolate and vanilla. those two types of ice cream were each in red and yellow boxes. The colors of India also can be seen in her drawing of the vase; While the class draw the vase and flower, she draws the red/yellow pattern inside of the vase. When she stabbed the schoolyard bully, his blood soaks the tip of India’s yellow pencil. It was a moment when the murderous trait of the Stoker meets the blood. 

At the end of the movie, all of her attire becomes brown (the mixture of red and yellow) and she hunts the victim in her own way. In dad’s brown belt, the brown heels from uncle, her brown skirts and the brown blouse of her mom. As she refused to choose a color that Charlie tried to pass onto her, she becomes her own color.


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